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More Shifty pics! - helen-louise
More Shifty pics!
I haven't had much energy for livejournal (or indeed, any sort of extended writing) the past few weeks. Today I was planning to write about what we did with Grant while he was here, but I got caught up in chatting on irc and have burned through my communication spoons. Urgh.

So have some more pictures:

The three of us on the 37th Floor of the Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street, London. 2016-02-21
On the 37th Floor with London behind us, 2016-02-21

Here is a another picture taken at the same time in which I exhibit a seriously smug face.

On the 37th Floor of the Sky Garden, 2016-02-21

Also, here are Grant and Richard at the Ada Lovelace exhibit in the Science Museum, London, 2016-02-17. They are looking at Babbage's Difference Engine, Number 1.
At the Science Museum, London, 2016-02-17

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