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Several bits make a post - helen-louise
Several bits make a post
Yesterday and today, I've been wanting to talk to people but I have absolutely no spare energy with which to do so. I have reverted to taking 2000 iu of vitamin D per day as of today, because I'm shattered and not convinced that the 400 iu tablets are doing enough.

I'm supposed to be going back to College in 10 days or so, but I haven't sorted out any of the paperwork yet because it involves too much effort, and circular situations where I need a form from A to give to B and a form from B to give to C, but I can't get the form from A until I have the form from C. Gah! And right now, I am sufficiently exhausted that I am not even sure if I'm up to going back for this term. I really can't go back and then immediately have to take time off again, but I do need to get things like Disabled Students' Allowance in place again if I am going back.

Mental health has not been good in my little family this past week. We have all been depressed for no particular reason. Richard has been anxious, Grant has been tearful, I have been having nightmares. I know that I need to have my next trip to see Grant arranged as soon as possible, so it's settled and I have something to look forward to, but I just don't know when will be convenient. Since this year is a round-number birthday, I was hoping to do something special for it, but I am increasingly feeling that my original plan (go to Iceland again) isn't what I want to be doing this year.

While organising trips to various places, I have to decide if I am going to BiCon this year. I feel that it would be beneficial to me to be in bi space considering that I currently appear to the outside world as straight twice over, but it involves energy and organisation which I don't quite have right now. The deadline is apparently pretty soon though. Who else is going?

In other news, I have found some mysterious photos on my computer. I mean, they are patently photos of me and Richard hanging around in our hallway in January 2012, but it is mysterious as to why we took them. They are all exceedingly yellow and would require considerable correction in Photoshop to fix. I thought maybe Richard had bought a new camera and we were testing it out, but the numbering starts at IMG_6562.jpg. Weird!

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barakta From: barakta Date: 8th April 2016 17:40 (UTC) (Link)
Sorry to hear your spoons are low and the uni is being bureaucratic at you...

I'm going to BiCon this year, understand about spoons and making plans though.
baratron From: baratron Date: 20th April 2016 14:39 (UTC) (Link)
It's not entirely the uni being bureaucratic... I didn't bother to apply for DSA this year because I wasn't going to be at university for a couple of terms, and now if I'm going back I need to re-apply. Also my footrest is completely and utterly fucked, and my laptop isn't doing too well, and I have a pile of taxi receipts going back two academic years.

Footrest should be an easy fix, they're not expensive and I basically need another one the same only not broken. Laptop I have no idea if they'll fund, I haven't been paying for any sort of insurance after the original insurance finished, and it's a MacBook and DSA doesn't deal with Macs any more because they're too expensive, and... It's just all spoons which I don't have right now.

From how I've been feeling over the past few days, am suspecting that the blood tests will come back to say that nothing is wrong except that my vitamin D level was through the floor.
rhialto From: rhialto Date: 8th April 2016 20:48 (UTC) (Link)
I and the gf have booked. We still have to sort out travel, with EuroBiCon taken into account.
(Deleted comment)
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