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Well, at least it's an answer - helen-louise
Well, at least it's an answer
Went to the doctor yesterday. My TSH level, which was apparently 1.93 uIU/mL in October 2015 is now up to the truly appalling 4.13 uIU/mL. Suddenly my need to go to sleep in the middle of the afternoon makes sense.

TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone so the higher the number, the worse your thyroid is responding. Technically the "normal" range goes all the way up to 4.20, but the therapeutic range for thyroxine supplementation is much lower. I think they try to keep it no higher than 1.5.

So that alone would be a good explanation for exhaustion, but also my vitamin D has gone splat again. It's currently around 67 nmol/L. Since I am on a medication which destroys vitamin D, I take a supplement all the time. But when I was having tachycardia, I decreased the dose. Apparently this was a big mistake.

In unrelated news, I have a new phone and am struggling horribly with the official lj client for Android. What do you people use?

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thekumquat From: thekumquat Date: 28th April 2016 20:55 (UTC) (Link)
I just use the LJ mobile site on my Android phone - it works except you can't see polls. The app is a pile of poo.
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