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Don't talk to me about the Referendum - helen-louise
Don't talk to me about the Referendum
I am very stressed, anxious, angry, and upset right now. I literally cannot believe what has happened. I honestly don't know anyone who voted to Leave.

My friends - well yes, they tend to be left-wing, liberal, anti-racist Europeans. Of course they all voted Remain. But even my family voted Remain! My dad's family suddenly remembered that they are immigrants, and that they are in favour of a free market. My 89-year old grandmother who is horribly racist despite having black grandchildren and great-grandchildren - even she voted Remain! Apparently because she doesn't like Boris Johnson and doesn't want him in charge of anything, but that's still a better reason than a lot of people who voted Leave.

According to the front page of the BBC News site, 17,410,742 people, being 51.9% of those who voted, chose to Leave. Meanwhile 16,141,241 people, being 48.1% of those who voted, chose to Remain. That isn't a clear mandate for anything! Even if the figures were reversed, even if Remain had narrowly squeaked through... I would still be saying that the country is divided, that it isn't a clear mandate either way.

What bothers me is this. My mum manages a block of flats for retired people. In order to make changes to services offered, she needs to follow a Code of Practice which states that to make changes to the status quo, all of the following criteria must be met:
1. 66% of the votes received must support the proposal,
2. 51% of the total number of leaseholders must support the proposal, and
3. not more than 25% of the total number of leaseholders are against the proposal.

Leaving the European Union is many, many orders of magnitude more important for the country than any change to services provided by a block of retirement flats, and yet a 3.8% majority is apparently enough to make the change!

I just can't take this in.

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From: kshandra Date: 24th June 2016 23:14 (UTC) (Link)
My friend britgeekgrrl had been giving serious thought to returning to the UK with her (US-born) husband if Trump is elected; she doesn't know what they'll bloody do now.

And I canNOT get over the cover of today's Independent. Farage has clearly never heard the name Jo Cox before. I hope it's the last thing he ever hears.

*love and concern*
From: artremis Date: 26th June 2016 11:30 (UTC) (Link)
I'm just as horrified but less suprised than you.
Outside of London there was a lot more Leave support during the campaign. I saw more Leave posters locally than Remain ones (I put up a Remain poster which disappered overnight - it prolly blew done but I can't help but worry someone took it. The lovely softfruit send me a new one but sadly it arrived after polling day) and overheard a lot of horrifying Leave conversations.
An acquaintance (who's a second generation immigrant from other EU counties!) told me they'd be voting Leave because "I don't really trust politicians" and kept coming back to that in spite of all of my arguments. I think quite a lot of people saw voting Leave as a kind protest vote ...

Because of my semi-nomadic life I was aware of the different atmosphere in London and outside of it. Brighton (like most cities) voted Remain (and so intrestingly did the area of East Sussex where I grew up) but in non-metropolitian areas there was a lot more Leave support. The partbof sussex where I live now voted 53% Leave and
I'm feeling uncomfortable going out and about wondering which of my neighbours don't want Free Movement for my Niecelings...
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