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bleh, I just managed to depress myself

The latest livejournal meme seems to be the Compatibility test at Similar Minds. You can either click the link in someone's journal to find out how compatible you are for a friendship or relationship with that person, or start at the main page to set up a new comparison. I clicked on the link in someone's journal and got to about question 20 of 27 before I realised that doing the test was a complete waste of time.

The test asks questions about personality and asks you whether a particular personality trait was not at all you, rarely you, sometimes you, regularly you, almost always you or always you, with traits such as "I have trouble staying focused and am easily distracted, some might say I am a scatterbrain" and "When my hard work goes unnoticed I can't help but be bothered". I got halfway through and realised I was answering 2 or 3 to everything (i.e. "sometimes me" or "regularly me"). Yet a lot of those traits were things that I would normally be answering 1 or 4 to (i.e. "rarely me" or "almost always me"). Things like "I do not back down when faced with adversity" - well, I don't when I'm not depressed! And "I like to immerse myself in endless amounts of information on a subject until I understand it completely" - well, I do when my brain works! I gave up on the test because my answers were too coloured by depression. And it's yet another bloody indicator of how badly wrong things are for me at the moment :S

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