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A good day.

I'm feeling very mellow and pleased with life. Went into work this afternoon. Developed a headache while I was there, but one of the supervisors had some painkillers. After finishing work I was supposed to be meeting Richard, but I'd messed up the arrangements. Poor Richard was hurrying into town to meet me because last week I threw a wobbly when he wasn't there, but this week I couldn't have cared less - it was a fine day and I had my book and Travelcard and a full battery on my phone, so it wasn't any hassle at all.

I got on the bus and travelled to Bank, but when I wanted to get off the buzzer didn't work, so the driver didn't know I wanted to get off and I missed my stop. Normally this would have bothered me, but I wasn't in a hurry to get anywhere. Then it turned out the bus route was being diverted, and I didn't recognise any of the roads we went down. No problem, I just sat on the bus until I knew where I was again. I'd missed Bank and we were somewhere in the City heading northwards. So I just waited until we crossed another route I knew. I got off at Angel and got the 73 back into central London. Richard was still stuck somewhere on South West Trains, so I went to Wagamama by myself and had some healthy fast food. Walking to Richard's work, I got caught up in Hare Krishnas who were dancing in the street outside their temple, but I kinda approve of Hare Krishnas on principle and they seemed to be happy enough. An old drunk in Soho Square was joining in with "Hare Krishna Hare Rama" and it was all just another beautiful day in my beautiful city.

Maybe I should take painkillers more often :)

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