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too much to say!

This morning is the first time I've been online since Thursday: hence I have lots of things to say.

I've just added a load of new friends: ajva, chrismoose, djm4, elynne and kitty_goth. I'm getting a distinctly weird feeling about this, as friends from different places all get muddled up. I've got people I met at college reading the diaries of people I met online, people I've known for years reading the diaries of people I haven't known very long, alt.poly people mixing with London bisexuals... it's all very odd.

I'm wondering whether to add friends of friends to my friends list. It's a pain having to remember to check other people's journals, and it's so much easier just to go to my friends page and read that - even if I have to scroll back 3 pages to get everything that everyone's said since I last checked it :) Do I want to meet more people, or just concentrate on getting to know the people I care about better? Hmmm.

And to think, the only reason I came here was in pursuit of Rose.

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