helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

More birthday present stuff.

I've updated my wishlist again.

Things not to buy me
  • Cosmetics or toiletries, unless you know what products I use. My skin can be delicate and allergic to stuff at times. I really don't wear make up at all, not even for fun, so there's not much point getting it for me.
  • Jewellery, unless you have a very good idea of my tastes. Possibly not even then.
  • Clothes, except for items on this wishlist. Although my tastes are really obvious, I can be a weird fit.
  • Soft toys, with the exception of wolves. I do love fluffy things but the house is starting to get overrun by plushies, and I don't want to have to get rid of any. So please don't get me any more!
  • Candles. I really do have too many - especially as I can never bear to burn any of the nice ones.
Do feel free to buy me books not on the wishlist, but please email Richard/wuzzie first so that he can browse our bookshelves to see if I have them! Thanks!

Also, don't get me any "Will & Grace" DVDs because apparently my mum's family are going to buy them for me!

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