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Boring Wednesday entry.

Got lots of things done today, mostly financial:

  • rang up BT to get my monthly direct debit changed to a more sensible amount
  • wrote to the Inland Revenue to get my tax from last year paid back, as I earned under the personal allowance
  • paid in a cheque
  • applied for a credit card from the Co-Op Bank
  • wrote to my dad to find out how he wants me to pay off a short-term loan
  • bought some brightly-coloured folders to put bank/credit card statements in

Now I'm sitting in front of the computer mildly depressed, because the momentum that carried me through the morning's worn off. I'm sure I'll feel better when I start doing things again, and I'll definitely feel better when Alexa gets here (she's passing through on the way to Scotland to visit her husband-person), but for the moment I've run out of emotional energy. BLEH!

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