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I think that my recent bout of depression has caused me to gain weight, but when I've asked other people they've been unsure. Some have even thought I've lost weight. I know that my belly is a different shape than it used to be, but I can't actually work out whether that's because it's bigger or smaller. And I can't find out by getting on the scales, because I don't believe that finding out how much mass I have is a useful indicator of physical health.

What I do know is that my physical health is lousy - I'm unfit and not eating too well. So that's the next thing to work on. I seem to alternate days of eating very well with days of eating very badly, and it's hard to co-ordinate the two. For example, the other day, this is what I ate:
breakfast: orange and strawberry juice (3/4 unit of fruit & veg), poppy seed bagel with peanut butter, flapjack
lunch: freshly-squeezed juice (1 unit of fruit & veg), vegetable spring rolls (1/2 unit), vegetable ho fun with tofu (1 unit)
dinner: grape juice (3/4 unit of fruit & veg), veggie fingers (1 unit), boiled potatoes and carrots (1/2 unit).
Plus lots and lots of water during the day. So that was easily my 5 portions of fruit & veg that the World Health Organisation suggest you need - I'm being overcautious in the estimates of portion size, too. But on other days, I eat a bagel, 2 or 3 flapjacks, crisps, chocolate and pasta, with no vegetables at all, only some fruit juice.

The main problem is that I'm lazy anyway, and when I'm depressed I get even more lazy. I always eat well when I'm eating with other people, because it's no problem to wash an extra saucepan if you're feeding several people, whereas using more than one pan is too much hassle for just me. The solution is to always cook extra veg when I have people round, and store this in the fridge so I can just reheat it in the microwave later.

Comments disabled, because I know the solution - I've just stated one possibility, and there's plenty of others (buy ready-done vegetables, for instance - they're only a little more expensive and now I'm working again 50p more for prepared carrots isn't too much). This entry's here more for my reference than anyone else's. I just thought other people might find it interesting (otherwise I'd have posted it privately).

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