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My fingers hurt, but this is good.

Had my first cello lesson in 8 years today. It was like I'd never stopped. OK, there were things I'd forgotten about reading music, and I wasn't quite sure where fourth position and half position were (cellos don't have frets - you move around the fingerboard by sound and memory only), but my body remembered what to do. Muscle memory's an amazing thing.

So I played for an hour before I left the house, had an hour-long lesson and then came back and played for another half-hour. My fingers are sore because they no longer have callouses in the right places, but they'll come back with time. I hurt but I feel happy, so so happy. This is definitely the right thing for me to be doing.

My dad's paying for ten lessons, and after that I'll have to find the money myself I guess. If I keep up practising I might be able to get him to pay for some more - we'll see when the time comes.

Things not to say to a cellist, part 1:
1) How long have you been playing the guitar?
2) Don't you wish you played the piccolo?

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