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I'm a venlafaxine addict and I don't care.

There was an article in the Evening Standard on Tuesday about antidepressants. Written by a professor of medical biology who also happens to have depression, it summed up my feelings entirely. He wrote: When one is seriously depressed - I do not mean feeling very low or sad - one enters a state that is indescribable. I entered a world that bore no relation to anything I know. *

About antidepressants, he said: There is almost a conspiracy to blame such drugs for causing terrible mental damage and to discourage their use. In fact, they are usually life-saving. Even psychiatrists who are depressed take them.

I'm not sure that antidepressants are for everyone. It really depends what the problem is. Even people with diagnosed clinical depression, who have brain chemical imbalances, may still benefit more from some kind of therapy. But I know in my case they have been life-savers.

At present, I am doing very well and am often asked if the Seroxat is working. I cannot tell, but I do not intend to try to find out by stopping taking it... I will continue to take Seroxat, probably until I die. I cannot face another attack of depression.

I feel that way with Efexor. 225mg of it keeps me stable. I'm wondering if this latest bout of depression was caused by me cutting down to 150mg. It was only a couple of months after I reduced the dosage that I got really ill again. Is this saying "Three Efexor good, two Efexor bad"? Irritatingly, Medscape recently reported that two-thirds of patients with a history of major depression that responds to treatment remain in remission when treated with venlafaxine (Effexor/Efexor) for up to 12 months, but didn't say what dosage they had people on, which is what I really want to know.

* He then went on to say I now maintain that if you can describe your depression, you have not had it. A couple of people objected to this part of the quote, saying that they definitely have or have had depression and that they are able to describe it. I believe that we're talking about different meanings of the word "describe" (see the comments for details), but I take their point that some people who do genuinely have depression might read that and decide not to seek help, and that this would be a bad thing. So I've taken it out of the main body of my article.

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