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So THAT was my birthday...

Yesterday was my birthday. I was supposed to be celebrating it by going to Thorpe Park with Richard/wuzzie, otterylexa and James/londonstatto. What I actually did was spend the entire day in bed, and not in a good way either. I just couldn't get to sleep on Thursday night. Terrible insomnia kicked in and I lay awake for hours, tossing and turning while my skin itched and crawled. I read until I was too tired to focus any longer, and still couldn't get to sleep. *sigh*. Eventually drifted off at about 8am. James arrived about 2 hours later, and Richard and/or Alexa got breakfast ready. They dragged me out of bed to eat, but I only managed about a third of a sausage before really bad nausea kicked in, and I ran out of the room because I thought I was going to throw up. Lying down, taking all my clothes off and opening the windows helped with that, but I wasn't in any fit state to go anywhere. So the others hung around the house spodding and playing games while I spent the afternoon sleeping fitfully. Eventually got up at about 5pm, and still felt tired. Bleurgh.

So I had a shower and went out for pizza with various people, but it didn't really feel like a birthday, just another weekend day. I completely forgot to note at what time the sun came up and went down, which is something I always do on my birthday, being born on the Summer Solstice and all. Ah well. I suppose if I haven't had my birthday yet, I must still be 25, which is good - I'm not sure I want to be 26. For some reason, 26 seems much older than 25 - because I tend to think of 0-25 being one set of ages and 26-50 being the next...

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