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paranoid and sunburnt

We're back from northern parts. Actually, we got in at about 12.40am yesterday, but I was far too knackered to log on to livejournal then. I went to bed as soon as I'd unpacked enough to be able to, and got up today at 4.30pm. Er, ye-es. Was supposed to be going to work today but was far too bloody ill. Not sure at the moment whether it's just exhaustion, hayfever and sunburn (combined with raving paranoid depression) or if I'm going down with a cold.

Alton Towers was good - I disagree immensely with lovingboth's assessment of Air but can't be bothered to write a detailed review tonight. The weather was variable - it was sunny for most of Monday but cloudy and quite cold on Tuesday morning. By lunchtime I was cold enough that Alexa went back to the car to get jumpers for us, thus making the sun come out in force. I'm annoyed about getting sunburnt. When my face started prickling on Monday I thought it was because I'd forgotten to wash off the chlorinated water after going on the log flume. It's been years since the last time I got sunburnt.

Someone mentioned recently that one of the side effects of Efexor is increased sensitivity to sunlight, which is something I'd never noticed before - I always read the lists of potential side effects when I start a new drug, and tick off anything I get against the list, but normally 2 years into taking something I know exactly how it affects me. Missed that one, though. What fun.

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