helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

what I did at the weekend.

The weekend was very good. The uk-poly meal on Friday thrived on my decision to butt in and move it to a different restaurant two hours before it was due to happen (we were going to go to Wagamama in Leicester Square, but they don't do bookings. When I found out, I rang the Haymarket branch to book us in there. Knowing what Leicester Square is like on a Friday night, I figured that if we got to the Wagamama there at 8.30pm with a party of 12, we'd have to wait at least an hour to eat, and I knew that people were keen to eat as soon as possible. Risky... but I thought it was more important that we all got to sit together and eat on time. So then I had to email everyone and ring them if I could, get a map drawn up showing how to get to the Haymarket branch, and get to the Leicester Square branch in time to stick the map on their door before people arrived!). The Haymarket Wagamama was comparatively quiet, both in terms of number of other customers and volume (it has a specially-angled ceiling, which helps keep noise levels down), and we were able to occupy a table for over 2 hours without it being inconsiderate. We should definitely go there again. I was talking about medical problems with a couple of people, and it turns out one of the people there has a whole load of the same symptoms that I do, including depression, permanent jetlag and lactose intolerance. Apparently the calcium/sodium balance of his body is screwed and once he'd got that sorted out his depression got a lot better. He said he'd email me with a list of blood tests I should get done. Yay, blood tests :/ I am profoundly squeamish about them.

On Saturday I got up late, but still made it into work. Alexa went to see an ex of hers during the day, and we were going to meet up afterwards to see Star Wars II. However, Richard & I got stuck in the Chinese near work so we didn't have time. I'd really fancied eating there, and they weren't that busy, but for some reason everything was very very slow and we were there for an hour and 45 minutes (!). I went home while Richard went into work to change a tape, but my foul mood was averted by catching up with a couple of friends on the phone. We spent the evening reading through two online comic strips featuring transgendered characters: Venus Envy and Lean On Me. The former let me do my pro-TS rant (I'm getting really good - I can do it in one sentence now: "I was born with two X chromosomes so I can wear *this* (indicates t-shirt and leggings) and it's considered feminine, so why the fuck is it different if a transsexual wears it?") and the latter had me frequently exclaiming "awww, so cute!".

Yesterday, Tim and Peter came round, and I was mostly making objects for The Sims. They will be on a web site when they're done, but I've been having all sorts of problems, mainly caused by bugs in the game itself, but occasionally by bugs in the various object creation tools. I can't be bothered to rant about it as that would take up time that I could be using to fix the bugs! It is a pain in the arse to have to edit an object, wait several minutes for The Sims to load so you can test it, find a problem, have to close The Sims and edit the object again... Oh, and I discovered that my new shoe polish gives me asthma :/

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