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the week ahead

Just realised that I forgot to play the cello today, and I really meant to. Didn't get any practice done at the weekend because I was too busy doing other stuff, and... damnit.

Don't think I want to have a cello lesson this week because I'm really busy: at least, I have plans to do a lot. How much I actually get done's another thing. Been feeling grotty all day - tired and headachy - so I stayed in bed instead of going to work today. (I did at least call and let them know). I kept sleeping on my hand - waking up with it dead, rubbing life back into it, falling asleep and waking up to find I was lying on it again. Argh. Very up and down moodwise as well.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to be working, then on Wednesday I'm going to the gay and lesbian literature evening in Borders, and on Friday I'm going to see The Wildhearts in Oxford. On Thursday my friend Paul from work's band are playing at The Purple Turtle in Camden, and I'm hoping to go to that as well, but it's dependent on me feeling up to it.

Back to recolouring objects now....

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