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introduction to today's entries.

Ugh, I'm feeling very stressed at the moment because I'm tired and want to sleep, but I've got loads to do before I can go to bed. There's lots of things I want to say here and I'm not really sure where to start. This livejournal thing is so much more than just a diary, in which I might write what I'm doing and how I'm feeling. In this, I've been writing all sorts of random thoughts and ideas that I've had - things that I might mention in a conversation with a friend, but not something I'd usually bother to write down anywhere. Take as an example when I found that amusing quote in the G News paper - before I had livejournal, maybe I would have emailed that to a few people, and forgotten about it within a day or two. Here, I can record it in a more permanent way and actually remember it later. That's a totally novel concept to me. I really like it.

So I'm sitting here and thinking about this journal entry, and there's several different things I need to say. There's the basic "what I've been doing" entry. Then, there's the more complicated "something quite important about my approach to life" entry, which definitely couldn't be combined with the "what I've been doing" one as it would make it far too long, and Netscape would crash, and I would get unhappy and even more stressed. That would be, uh, bad. As well as those two posts I also have a couple of short things to say, which I suppose could be combined, and I'd like to type in the text of something cool that I found while I was tidying up - it's been sitting by the computer for a couple of days already. So that's easily 3 or 4 entries that I need to make before I can go to bed, and then I want to make some attempt at catching up with my newsgroups, and read my friends' pages. All important things to do!

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