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the desire for pizza

Feeling quite calm at the moment. Earlier today I was very very unhappy and stressed, but I'm a lot more relaxed now. Just got some bread out of the freezer for me to eat later, and planning a trip to the supermarket tomorrow. As well as getting the dairy-free chocolate ice cream (if they have any in yet) I'm going to buy strong flour and yeast to make pizza dough.

Not a very interesting lj entry for you to read, but I'm allowed to post occasionally when I'm not having a health crisis or outbreak of surreality! If you want to read about yesterday's pizza crisis, it's here under the cut tag.

It's 3am, and I want pizza - what do I do?

Nowhere open to buy one from, and I can't handle dairy anyway. I'd make one, but we don't have any pizza bases, or any strong flour & yeast to make bases from scratch. We have some nice bread, but it's specifically the pizza bread that I'm craving, so ordinary bread just won't cut it. The 24 hour Tesco is on a bus route, but the buses are only 1 an hour at this time of day - funny how all my moral objections to owning a car disappear at 3am.

Damnit, hungry!

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