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Zee Keeeller Kold from Hell!

Bah. The cold I've had has completely sapped my strength. I had some Interesting Thoughts Worth Sharing on the train into work on Friday, but by the time I got home again I was so tired that I couldn't even type. Same thing happened last night - having fallen asleep on the train and almost missed my stop, I got in just after 10pm and went to bed straight away. I got up at about 4am to eat something and take my tablets, and I'm trying to work out now whether I should go back to sleep or stay up. I'm tired, but not really sleepy.

I guess I'll write something profound in the morning when my brain's working again. I've renewed my lj paid membership just now (it had actually run out, eeeek!). My plan for the day so far involves buying some oats to make more flapjacks and finally getting johnckirk's birthday present in the post. otterylexa is coming over at some point to stay the night before getting the Eurostar to France tomorrow.

Can you believe my throat is still sore and my nose is still snotty 15 days after the cold started? Bah.

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